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China National Association of Metal Material Trade(CAMT) was applied by former National Ministry of Materials and Equipment,approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs at Nov.10th,1992.It is a national,non-profit social group organized by National metal production and circulation enterprises,universities and research institutes and other components,under the guidance of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Since its inception, CAMT aimed at serving members and the industry, guiding a healthy development, standardized operation, self-discipline in the industry, maintenance legally rights of member enterprises, and built a bridge of cooperation and communication for manufacturers and enterprises. Study and find a solution to the new problem, new idea, new mode of industry development, CAMT also made a great achievement in pushing, highly recognized and praised by state department, local government, member enterprises, industry experts.

Approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs, CAMT established CAMT Steel Market Committee, CAMT Stainless Steel Branch in 2003, gained registered membership all across the country;

CAMT Responsibilities

I) Focusing on high-end, controlling in macro end, studying pattern and guiding industry development.

Under the guidance of the related ministry or committee, CAMT pay close attention to national macroeconomic policies, study and explore new thinking, new ideas, new modes of materials circulation development, and guide a healthy, stable and harmonious development of the industry.

II) Inspecting the industry, facing the difficulty, formulating standard, providing advanced reference to government.

CAMT also performs functions of guiding the industry and standard management, assisting state formulating industry standards, conventions and regulatory documents, strengthen self-discipline, improve the overall management and operation of the industry.

III) Eye on hot news, solicit good advice, events planning, industry endorsements. CAMT organized industry summit forum, proseminar, analysis meeting, exhibition according to

industry development trends, gathering all parties for smart idea and good advices, make sound of the industry heard. Recent years, CAMT organized kinds of events, held metal material industrial proseminar, trend analysis meeting upon demand of the member enterprises and development of situation. As the highest level of high-end metal material industry summit in China, China Iron and Steel Traders Conference held by CAMT has now became a famous brand in the industry.

IV) Build platform, unite members, co-operate and communicate, discuss future.

With the development of metal material trade industry, many enterprises joined together and achieved all-win. Local metal material trade association or chamber of commerce were established under this background. As the only national association, CAMT is known as spokesmen of the industry. CAMT has joined many local metal material trade association or chamber of commerce together through the efficient work, make contribution to the development of the industry.

V) Resource integration, full development, seek platform and membership service.

a) Integrating resources of upstream and downstream enterprises, users and related association, to build a all-win bridge for steel raw material supply enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, distribution enterprises and end users.

b) Representing industry of China metal material, establish cooperation system with related associations out of China, create a wider platform to make China enterprise known worldwide.

c) Integrating resource industry experts, establish expert research system, study on industry trends, development rule and mode, set the direction for industry development.

d) Establishing cooperation mechanisms between member enterprises, achieving results in business training, experience exchanging, mutual learning and cooperation.

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