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CAMT Special Steel Tube Branch

  China  National Association of Metal Material Trade Special Steel Tube Branch  (CAMT Special Steel Tube Branch) is a subordinate branch institution to  CAMT. It is a national, non-profit social group consists of enterprises  of special steel tube product manufacturing, trading, end users,  warehousing and logistics, along with special steel tube related  research institutes, financial organizations, information agencies.

CAMT Special Steel Tube Branch aims at:

  • Setting up a platform for communication.

  • Exploring ideas for development.

  • Leading improvement in technology.

  • Establishing standard system.

  • Guiding development of the industry.

  • Optimizing product construction.

  • Offering opportunity of cooperation.

  • Exploring international market.

The president unit is Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.

On  December 6, 2017, CAMT Special Steel Tube Branch was formally  established at the 12th National Steel Circulation Promotion Conference.  The office of the Secretariat is located in Beijing.

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