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CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee

  • What platform is capable gathering leading sheep in iron & steel e-Commerce, such as Ouyeel Commerce, MINMETALS Xinyilian, Tewoo Bulk, Xiben New Line Stock, Ansteel e-Commerce?
  • What platform is capable gathering World Top 500 and China Top 500 in iron & steel product chain?
  • What platform is capable gathering famous warehousing, logistics, finance, end users?
  • It is trend, communication, mutual trust and seeking common development.
CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee is the platform that makes difference in your value implement.


Disorderly development bring vicious competition in iron & steel e-Commerce field.
Someone should stand out acting as leading sheep.
On July 10th, 2015, iron & steel e-Commerce representative companies such as Ouyeel Commerce, Ansteel e-Commerce, Jiulong Online, Hebei Jingye Group, MINMETALS Xinyilian, Tewoo Bulk, Xiben New Line Stock, Opsteel Web gathered in Beijing, agreed to establish "Long term and sufficient cooperation system for China iron & steel e-commerce enterprises",  prepared to found "CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee". A meeting was held in Ouyeel Commerce on September 11, 2015 discussed about the founding of CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee.
The host company, China National Association of Metal Material Trade (CAMT) was applied by former National Ministry of Materials and Equipment, approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs on Nov. 10th, 1992. It is a national, non-profit social group organized by National metal production and circulation enterprises, universities and research institutes and other components, under the guidance of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and Ministry of Commerce of China. More than 1200 member enterprises such as Minmetals Development Co., Ltd., China Railway Material Group Co., Ltd., Sinosteel Group, Tewoo Metals, Zhejiang Metals and Materials, Shougang Corporation sales company, Sha-steel International Trade, Hebei Jingye Group, etc. CAMT also has 26 provincial or city organizations and more than 7,000 enterprises as member.  CAMT holds many affiliated branches such as CAMT Steel Market Working Committee, CAMT Stainless Steel Branch, CAMT Steel Processing and Distribution Branch, CAMT Non-ferrous Metal Branch. It is a influential national trade association.
CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee, as a national trade association, was founded on December 9, 2015 in Beijing.
CAMT Iron & Steel e-Commerce Committee aims at:
  • Law and rule compliance; Policies implementation; Regulating the market; Leading the industry;
  • Establishing platform; Gathering elites; Gathering funds; Achieving all-win;
  • Serving goverment and enterprises; Optimizing resources; Communicating with e-Commerce suppliers; Competition, cooperation and development;
  • Protecting rights;Making sounds heard; Setting up foretype; Industry endorsement;
We are looking forward to your membership of enterprises of e-Commerce, steel raw material, manufacturing, trading, end users, financial organizations, investment organizations, industry related service agencies, research institutions, universities and individuals have a certain influence in our industry.
Let join together to build good environment in iron & steel e-Commerce industry;
Let join together to create ecosphere of all-win in iron & steel e-Commerce industry;
Let join together to push a healthy development, orderly competition, and mutual cooperation in iron & steel distribution industry;
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