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ArcelorMittal continues investment in Fos-sur-mer

ArcelorMittal is reducing energy consumption at its French facility in Fos-sur-Mer and investing 4 million (4.4m) to upgrade equipment, Kallanish learns from the company.

This is in line with the company announcement of its CO? roadmap to reduce emissions by -30% by 2030 in an effort to become carbon neutral in Europe by 2050 (see Kallanish 17 December).

The Fos-sur-Mer plant has already replaced and upgraded one of the two speed drives that capture gas and smoke. This has resulted in an energy consumption reduction of -60%. By the end of the year the second drive will be also replaced.

The company is also developing two engines to optimise consumption of a primary intake fan in the system. This will also contribute to cut energy consumption at the plant substantially, ArcelorMittal says in a note.

The global steelmaker is investing 20 million in Fos-sur-Mer and installing a new air-filtering system which will reduce dust emission by -40% in anticipation of future environmental standards. This new system will be up and running in 2021 (see Kallanish passim).

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