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US finds circumvention in Vietnam flats case

The US Department of Commerce has determined that Vietnamese exporters of corrosion-resistant flats and cold-rolled coil using Taiwanese and Korean substrate are circumventing extant duties, Kallanish learns from the Federal Register. 

As such, the department has ordered the suspension of liquidation of all non-certified Vietnamese imports of corrosion-resistant flats and cold-rolled coil. Additionally, cash deposits are required for all non-certified corrosion-resistant flats imports from Vietnam at rates of up to 456%, depending on the specific product. 

In the department’s preliminary determination, it noted that shipments of corrosion-resistant flats from Vietnam have increased by more than 331% since the imposition of duties on Taiwan and Korea. Likewise, cold-rolled imports from Vietnam have risen more than 916%.

The petitioners in the case are ArcelorMittal, Nucor, US Steel, Steel Dynamics, California Steel Industries, and AK Steel.

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