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Chinese stainless steel production declines in December

The latest official data released on 7 January show that China's total stainless steel output in December 2019 was 2.4 million tonnes, a decrease of -1.65% from November, Kallanish notes.

Due to the overhaul of southern Chinese steelmakers, the output of 200 series stainless steels decreased by -0.54% month-on-month to 800,600t. At the same time, the overhaul of eastern Chinese steelmakers caused the output of 300 series stainless steel to drop by -4.25% to 1.12mt. The output of 400 series stainless steel increased by 2.94% from the previous month to 479,400t.

It is estimated that China's stainless steel output in January 2020 will reach around 2.07mt, down -13.51% from December 2019 due to newly announced maintenance.

Market investigation shows that a total of 448,000t of special steel production was planned to be reduced during the period. The reduction is expected to affect 160,000t of 200 series stainless steel output, 235,500t of stainless steel 300 series output, and 52,500t of stainless steel 400 series output.

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